" Inspiration can be found everywhere "

Inspiration can be found everywhere
Sagtani Group ( www.sagtanigroup.com) or popularly known as its corporate identity Sagtani Exim (P) Ltd was started out in 1998 as a store with Delsey, the first brand to be taken as a sole importer. We look to the future to provide our customers with the most innovative solutions. Whether you operate a hotel, restaurant, school, hospital, cafeteria, bakery, bar, patisserie or supermarket we have all perfect product for you.

SAGTANI is committed to excellence in all aspects of our operations and business. This excellence must be achieved internally and externally and as compared to industry peers and global pacesetters. We strive to be excellent Human Beings. 

Innovation And Enterprising Initiatives 
That encourages creativity and adds value throughout the organization, for our customers, employees and for our partners.

Customer satisfaction
SAGTANI is working hard to put the reciprocal relationship with our customers first to ensure that we surpass expectations and become the supplier of the choice in the markets where we compete. Making our customer delighted. 

Our Testimonials


The Sagtani Group offers wide range of products that we can choose from.

-Raj Malhotra

Sagtani group has stand to its motto of providing the best quality products and services to the customers. I am very satisfied  with the products that I bought from here.

-Naresh Gill