Our Values

    SAGTANI is committed to excellence in all aspects of our operations and business. This excellence must be achieved internally and externally and as compared to industry peers and global pacesetters. We strive to be excellent Human Beings. 

    Innovation And Enterprising Initiatives 
    That encourages creativity and adds value throughout the organization, for our customers, employees and for our partners.

    Customer satisfaction
    SAGTANI is working hard to put the reciprocal relationship with our customers first to ensure that we surpass expectations and become the supplier of the choice in the markets where we compete. Making our customer delighted. 

    Ethical Behaviour 
    SAGTANI strives to demonstrate integrity in all our interactions, both personal and professional.

    SAGTANI since inception is focused on service. All our equipment is backed by SAGTANI After sale service. 

    We have well trained Technicians for installation and commission of the equipment.

    We have our stand alone Service partners across Nepal to provide instant service to our customers.

    Commercial Kitchen/ Laundry- Consultants & Suppliers 
    We are one of the leading kitchen equipment manufacturers & suppliers and we manufacture equipment by using quality-assured components and sophisticated techniques in our ultra-modern production unit. Our approach is towards comprehensive products at affordable prices.

    Being a recognized food service & Laundry equipment supplier and Hygiene, we offer diverse ranges of equipment for the different businesses including banquets, bars, restaurants, hotel, school and many more. Our commercial cooking equipment is being used in  multiple big kitchens and serving thousands of customers.

    Our Competence 
    SAGTANI as a professional kitchen equipment suppliers delivers premium level of catering solutions that include businesses such as:

    Hotel Kitchen, LAundry & Hygiene
    Fast Food Chain
    Catering Service 
    Hospital Kitchen, Laundry & Hygiene
    Project Consultancy 
    Each customer with any inquiry is served with utmost care and attention. While it is believed that a good product is good marketing by itself, Sagtani is fully committed in delivering quality in service. Customer handling starts from the first contact to the customer and does not finish until the end of the product lifetime.

    Custom Made requests from customers are communicated thoroughly to deliver the best outcome in special site conditions. It is our mission to deliver Total food Service Solutions.

    Delivering specialized solutions in more than 100 properties. 

    SAGTANI offers a complete package of food service equipment. Thanks to the expertise and enterprising spirit of our companies, we are present in almost every sector of the leisure, hospitality and institutional food service markets. 

    From preparation to cooking, from meal distribution to dishwashing and laundry facilities, from refrigeration to ice production, from gelateria to bakery and patisserie. SAGTANI is capable of providing the ideal solution for your food service needs. 

    Each brand is highly specialized and on the cutting edge of its sector, enabling us to respond quickly and efficiently to evolving market needs. 

    Project management
    At SAGTANI, we insure optimal planning that begins at the preliminary stages of the projects supporting our clients with a comprehensive and cost effective solution as per each project’s requirements. 

    Conduct a location scanning/ site visit 
    Recommend the list of Equipment & products 
    Develop the MEP layout
    Supply of leading Kitchen Equipment brands 
    Manufacture of customized Kitchen equipment and products 
    Share a detailed project plan for each stage of the process
    Installation & Training 
    Our installation teams are well trained to provide proper assistance to the clients by understanding their requirements and installing the equipment ensuring it operates efficiently from the start.

    We are aware of how vital it is that you have fully functioning equipment at all times, and thus ensure to provide a proper handover through a technical training that is conducted by our professional technical team.

    Spare Parts 
    We provide the right part, at the right time.

    Our spare parts division carries an extensive in-stock inventory of commercial kitchen equipment parts for leading brands, ensuring high quality and reliability. With thousands of lines stocked and ready for immediate delivery, your appliances can  be ready to use again in a minimal timeframe.

    Our Team 
    With our highly qualified members team including experienced professional engineers, Technically trained service team.