Business Background

Sagtani Group (www.sagtanigroup.com) or popularly known as its corporate identity Sagtani Exim (P) Ltd was started out in 1998 as a store with Delsey, the first brand to be taken as a sole importer.


Enhancing Lifestyle in hospitality market.


Delivering quality product and services on the international standard. To earn the trust of all their customers.


The company establishment objective was to cater the society with quality product and services.Everything we do big or small our objective is always excellence. We constantly strive to improve even our best product, to make them more flexible, durable, efficient and robust.

Our Commitment is excellence in design, sales and service in the food service equipment industry. This constant drive for progress and innovation is the beswt gurantee we can deliver to our clients.

Continuous Innovation

We look to the future to provide our customers with the most innovative solutions. Sagtani group is the number one in food service equipment industry in Nepal having an exclusive portfolio of companies that offer the most complete range of innovative brands to meet global market needs. We offer the most respected brands in the industry. Whether you operate a hotel, restaurant, school, hospital, cafeteria, bakery, bar, pattisserie or supermarket we have all perfect product for you.

OUR BRANDS to meet your need

Sagtani Group offers you a commercial kitchen complete food service equipment packages, Thanks to the expertise and enterprising spirit of our companies. We are present in almost every sector of leisure, hospitality and institutional food service markets. From preparation to cooking, from meal distributing to dishwashing and laundry facilities, from refrigeration to ice production, from gelateria to bakery and pattisserie, Sagtani Group is capable of providing the ideal solution for your foodservice equipment needs. We offer state of the art technology and ergonomic designs the are always one step ahead of latest market trends. Ech brand is highly specialized and on the cutting edge of its sector, enabling us to respond quickly and efficiently to evolving market needs.

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